Who? Applicants to Oxford Physics, Physics and Philosophy, Materials Science, and all Engineering undergraduate courses. Also applicants to Imperial College London’s Physics courses (excluding Mathematical Physics)

When? 2nd November 2017 9.00am GMT

What? It is a written exam lasting 2 hours, 50% Physics and 50% Mathematics including pure skills. Both sections require problem solving skills and may introduce new ideas which is a very different from A-level.

Syllabus | Past Papers and Reports

How? Tips

  1. Do all the papers – there is an enormous amount of variation beyond a-level content so it is nearly impossible to predict the topics. However by doing past papers you will be better equipped to deal with new situations, that is what science is after all.
  2. Remember that the university is not looking for a perfect score – Your answers will demonstrate your ability to apply new and existing knowledge to solve problems and the preparation itself will make you a much more able student.
  3. Percentile over percentage – Variation in the content also means changes in difficult between years. To track your score, don’t just look at the number of marks you have scored but match this to the distribution in the reports. Compare your score to the university’s boundary for interview and the average of offer holders that year.